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Design Lights

An attractive lamp with pleasant light provides a nice atmosphere in all rooms. Discover our new lamp shop and let yourself be captivated by the luminance of our design lights. To get started simply choose one of the categories below.

Here in Reuter Badshop you have a choice of design lights from brand manufacturers. In our wide range you will find numerous designer lamps with luxurious optics, technical perfection and finest workmanship. The range makes it easy for you to find the optimal source of light for your bathroom and living areas. Compatible illuminants, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or halogen lamps are also available.

Here you can find high-quality design lights as well as light bulbs from brand manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a floor lamp, a table lamp or a lamp to mount on the ceiling, you are bound to find the right item in our versatile range. Our wide selection of representative design lamps will convince you with their high-quality design, perfect functional reliability and best workmanship.

Nice light in the bathroom, atmospherical light in the living room - that is the key topic of this site and in the following sections. Here you will find high-quality designer lights from renowned brand manufactures from all over Europe - especially Italy, Germany and Denmark. The premium lamps are complemented with compatible illuminants, also available here in our wide range.

All design lights in this range provide perfect lighting. Innovative and elegant in design, perfect and functionally reliable - is how ideal lighting should be for the interior of modern living areas. The products we offer in our online shop easily fulfil these requirements. Creative design is prioritised with high-quality design lamps and bathroom lights which can be found here in large numbers.

All manufacturers set great importance in providing high-quality lighting for all the products they produce. The light is not only to be bright but also atmospheric and spread a pleasant flair with its warm colour. Terms such as comfort, cosiness and wellness play a large role with designer lights.

A lamp is not only a functional object but also ideally a decorative eye-catcher which has an impact on its surroundings. With a design light from our versatile range you will upgrade your home noticeably and give your interior furnishings a luxurious and exclusive touch. In terms of home lighting, it is highly recommended to pay particular attention to quality so that you have long enjoyment of the designer light of your choice.

This section in our shop offers an extensive range of representative luxury lamps for the bathroom, for living rooms or for the outdoors. The designer lamps are based on clear, often intentionally minimised design, on premium colours and high-quality surfaces. The lighting products available here leave nothing to desire for in regards to technicality and functionality.

Whether you are looking for a bathroom light or for a new lamp for the living area: It will definitely be worth your while to take a closer look at the high-quality design lights from renowned brand manufacturers. In our range you can also find weatherproof and durable outdoor lights. All products - whether for outdoors or indoors - convince with their reliability and exemplary functionality.

You should not underestimate the effect of lighting on the whole appearance of your interior: design lights characterise the room and set a classy and stylish accent. This works in two ways. First of all, the appearance and style of the designer light itself upgrades the surroundings. And secondly the quality of the light in the sense of pleasant, atmospherically lighting is decisive for a high-quality living ambience. Every product in our range fulfils these requirements without effort.

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